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“Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in the overall feeling of well-being."

This is a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial facial massage, easing tension from the facial muscles, helping to bring elasticity to the skin and improving its’ overall appearance.  Often described as a “natural face lift”, it is a treatment which also has general health benefits as acupressure points on the face are stimulated, helping to re-balance the whole body.

This relaxing face massage stimulates both deep and superficial muscles, helping to reduce the development of wrinkles and improving skin tone. A stimulating head massage will relieve scalp tension and the deep breathing which occurs whilst in a state of relaxation can help you to cope better during periods of stress and anxiety.

A facial rejuvenation massage works on a physical and psychological level, helping to calm the mind and leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised.  Rejuvenating face massage is suitable for anyone, with both visible short term and cumulative benefits. During this treatment, your face, head, neck and shoulders will be treated, utilising oils which will help to improve your facial skin tone.


Benefits of Rejuvenating Facial Massage include:

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Relaxation and Stress Relief. Reflexology, Reiki , Rejuvenating Face Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Training Courses, Swanage,  Dorset

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Special price for six treatments. MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE

This is a very light skin manipulation applied without oils or creams.  Moving the skin gently over the underlying tissue triggers the vessels of the lymphatic system to contract more frequently, increasing the absorption of excess fluid and waste products.

Many chronic conditions are helped by manual lymphatic drainage, including swollen legs and ankles, nasal congestion and post operative inflammation as well as boosting the immune system.

This massage can also be beneficial after a long airline flight.  The appearance of skin is improved, reducing puffiness caused by retention of water, circulatory difficulties and pregnancy.