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“Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in the overall feeling of well-being."

If you are already receiving Reflexology treatments, you will notice that, during pregnancy, some aspects of your Reflexology treatments may change.  Maternity Reflexology techniques will be used to help prepare your body for childbirth, for general relaxation, to promote good health and to assist in relieving some of the discomforts of pregnancy and should only be given by a specially qualified Maternity Reflexologist such as myself.   Reflexology can be given from conception to delivery and will be beneficial at all stages of your pregnancy.

Research has also shown that regular Reflexology treatments during pregnancy can often help to shorten the duration of labour.

Reflexology will complement the specialist care you receive from your midwife and other healthcare professionals.  Everyone will be working in the best interests of you and your baby.

In the case of late arrivals, with the agreement of the midwife, a specialised Maternity Reflexology treatment at a late stage of pregnancy can often prevent the need for medical intervention.

Reflexology during the post-natal period can also help the body to re-adjust to its non-pregnant state and assist with the lifestyle changes that are will inevitably occur.

Clients have reported that Reflexology during pregnancy has helped with the following:

How Maternity Reflexology can help ...


“Thank you so much for your care and support - you have made my journey into motherhood a more relaxed experience”. Louise

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